Dr. Bill Davis, Founder and CEO

Dr. Bill Davis is passionate about bringing hope and healing to sick and suffering people. Dr. Davis was a successful upper cervical chiropractic specialist until in 2011 when he was injured in a mountain biking accident and was paralyzed leaving him unable to practice. In 2013, Dr. Davis formed Upper Cervical Marketing, an online marketing agency specifically for Upper Cervical Chiropractic Doctors to continue to make an impact worldwide for sick and suffering people who desperately need access to high-quality Upper Cervical Care. In 2018, Hope and Healing Solutions Inc. was launched as an expansion of the original mission. We are all about continuing to find health and wellness companies that we can partner with to build your brand and market your products and services so that together we can bring hope and healing to more sick and suffering people throughout the world.

Heather Compton, Director of Operations

As the Director of Operations of Hope and Healing Solutions, Inc, Heather applies her knowledge of design, social media, marketing, sales and customer service to every area of operations. She oversees all branches of the HHS operations team to ensure the execution of the company’s vision, day-to-day application of the company’s core values, innovation, client satisfaction and performance of the various marketing programs and packages. She is passionate about helping health and wellness businesses help sick and suffering people in their communities.

Tony Hook, Director of Sales and Marketing

Tony desires to serve others with passion and integrity. Graduating from Western Michigan University with a degree in marketing, management and business administration, he strives to make a difference in the lives of others. From 2001 to 2016, Tony also obtained a degree in Biblical Studies, serving as a pastor. As the Director of Sales and Marketing of HHS, Tony applies his knowledge of marketing and working with people to help health and wellness businesses find the growth they seek.

Summer Grohman, Client Operations Manager

Prior to coming to Hope and Healing Solutions, Summer worked as a marketing manager for the Navy. She is also a board member of a non-profit organization that brings outdoor recreational therapy and quality of life programs to disabled and disadvantaged children, disabled veterans, and wounded service members. Her goal is to increase awareness and knowledge to those seeking natural solutions for their health. She works with our funnels and paid advertising to create confidence, trust, and credibility and connect sick and suffering people to the companies we work with.

Jhon Arellano, Search and Design Manager

Jhon Vincent Arellano graduated in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems. He is a Front-end and WordPress developer with an eye for details and a passion for perfection. Prior to joining the Hope and Healing Solutions Team Jhon worked as a software engineer for a tech software startup company in the Philippines since 2013. Jhon manages our Search and Design Team that creates beautiful and engaging websites and search engine optimizes those websites so that they can be found by sick and suffering people looking for hope and healing. When he’s not coding, you’ll typically find him playing video games or listening to good music.

Stephanie Radan, Client Programs Manager

Stephanie graduated in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. Since then she has worked in various industries learning the ins and outs of telemarketing, social media management, data collection, research, customer relationship management and lead generation. She loves being challenged in her work, adapting to innovations and learning new things. Stephanie is an important part of the HHS team and is focused on social media management, email marketing including newsletters and auto responders.. When not working online behind the scenes she loves adventure, dogs, and music. She also enjoys spending time with family since they come first in her life.

Carol Soriano, Content Creation Manager

Carol is a writer-turned-marketer who is passionate about content marketing and continuous learning. As our Content Creation Manager, Carol does more than catching typos and bad grammar. With more than five years of digital marketing experience, she leads our content team in building content that helps health and wellness businesses strengthen their online presence and connect with sick and suffering people. Before joining Hope and Healing Solutions, she served as a content strategist in a reputable online marketing agency in the Philippines. She spends her free time hiking, traveling, and experimenting in the kitchen.

Adam Kantrowitz, Lead Content Creator

Adam Kantrowitz has been a Freelance Writer since January 2012 and is the owner of FreelanceGhostwriting.com. In 2015 alone, he wrote more than 340,000 words of online content for clients in various industries including numerous medical fields, digital marketing, catering and restaurants, retail stores, the security sector, law offices, non-profit organizations, and a wide variety of other niche topics. FreelanceGhostwriting.com is poised to complete more than 1 million words of content this year and is happy to be a part of the HHS team bringing better health to people around the world, especially since Adam has personally found relief from migraines and vertigo thanks to upper cervical chiropractic care.

Dr. Jane Brewer, Content Creator

Dr. Jane Brewer graduated as the valedictorian of her class from Life University in 2014. She opened Precision Chiropractic, an upper cervical specific practice located in beautiful Loveland, Colorado in July of 2015. She takes care of everyone from weekend warriors to elite athletes, those who are a few days old to those in their 90’s, those who come in with a certain illness or condition and those who come to stay well. Dr. Jane writes blog articles and other content for HHS clients. When she’s not caring for patients or writing, she can be found on a local trail for a hike or mountain bike ride with her husband, Wes.

Kelly Allen, Content Editor

Kelly has a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics and is a certified English teacher. She currently teaches high school English for one of the top-ranked public schools in her state. She has also taught English at the college level for native speakers and international students. She is passionate about empowering others to pursue their dreams, and she hopes that her editing expertise will help HHS clients to bring hope and healing to people so that they can live healthy, full lives.

Joemar Garraton, Video and Graphic Design Lead

Joemar began his career in the academe as an educator and textbook writer. Since then he decided to take his skills to the next level and apply the lessons he taught within the classroom to design and create engaging multimedia content for various industries. Forever the student of Information Technology, he is constantly reading, learning and applying new innovations that would keep him up-to-date with the constantly changing landscape of IT. Behind the scenes, he loves to spend time with his family and friends. His hobbies include basketball, playing video games and listening to audio books.

Clare O’Brien, Website Specialist

Clare is a web developer and designer based in Ireland with 8 years experience working with WordPress. At Hope and Healing Solutions she’s responsible for new site design, existing site updates, troubleshooting and generally making sure that our technical network runs smoothly on a daily basis. Outside of working hours she’s usually spending time with family, pets Molly & Kit Kat, or indulging in a great coffee and detective fiction. Her hobbies include travel, cooking and photography.

Jiesie Lota, Website Specialist

Jiesie has a bachelor’s degree in Science Information Technology. He specialized in web and mobile development. Before joining the HHS team Jiesie worked for an Information and Communication Technology company and as a freelance web developer. Jiesie is a skilled website designer and brings creativity to every project he works on.

Jessica Zamora, Bookkeeper

Jessica Zamora has been the bookkeeper for Dr. Davis since April 2010. She has enjoyed keeping her accounting skills sharp and keeping the books in order. She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration in Accountancy from California State University San Marcos in 1997. Having worked as a Staff Accountant until her daughter was born in 2001, she took some time off from her career to raise the children and home school them. She has been able to work in her field while navigating homeschooling four children, teaching 2 year olds at the church preschool and being active in her daughters’ girl scout and son’s boy scout activities. She enjoys family time with her children and husband of 18 years. She is active in her church, passionate about her community and believes strongly in volunteerism. And she loves planning their annual road trips across America.