Dr. Chris Perkins

Premier Family Wellness and Spinal Care
Farmington Hills, MI

“I wanted more personal time with my family and stability with finances…now I have a decrease in stress…I’m having fun again.”

BEFORE: Felt chained to his practice, no freedom, losing nights and weekends, not enough family time, and had inconsistency in new patients.

AFTER: Has freedom in his practice, nights and weekends back, time for family, consistent new patients, more quality patients that are staying in care, and a growing practice.

Dr. Perkins is consistently seeing 10-15 new patients per month from his marketing and is setting collection records!

Dr. Kristen McClure

Ricks McClure Chiropractic
Charlevoix, MI

“It’s relieved a lot of stress off of me”

BEFORE:  Frustrated, stressed, and discouraged by the lack of online presence and the stagnant number of new patients coming in to the office.

AFTER: Rekindled passion, encouraged, no more stress about her online presence and relieved to be steadily attracting new patients each month!

Dr. McClure tripled her new patients in just two months of online marketing!

Dr. Casey Weerheim

Upper Cervical Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls, SD

“I don’t look for new patients anymore (no more screenings)”

BEFORE:  Lost time and wasted effort with marketing, didn’t like doing screenings, only getting minimal new patients each month, and bogged down with marketing and trying to grow the practice.

AFTER: Time is freed up with a more hand’s-off marketing system, doesn’t have to do screenings, consistently attracts qualified new patients, and has a growing practice.

Dr. Weerheim is now consistently seeing 8-15 new patients per month from his marketing!

Dr. Joe Breuwet

Upper Cervical Hawaii
Honolulu, HI

“My conversion numbers are higher, the cost of marketing is a lot lower, and I’m extremely happy.”

BEFORE:  Did not like doing screenings, weak online exposure, no time or energy to learn and do online marketing, and was ready for something innovative and relevant.

AFTER: No more screenings, great online exposure, freed up time to focus on patients, better quality of patients, improved patient conversion, and lower cost of marketing.

Dr. Breuwet is seeing 8-15 high quality, new patients per month!

Dr. Miguel Flores

N8 Upper Cervical Chiropractic
Manila, Philippines

“There are just SO many other people we’ve been able to help and serve!”

BEFORE:  Limited number of people being reached, couldn’t penetrate a large market, stressed by missing time with family, and consistently losing time doing talks and dinners.

AFTER: Effectively reaching people in a large market, repeatedly breaking new patient and collection records, less stress and more time, opened a new practice, brought on more doctors, and has more influence in the community and beyond.

Dr. Flores is seeing an amazing 40-80 new patients per month from the internet alone!

Dr. Geoff Besso

Besso Clinic of Chiropractic
Stow, OH

“The impact has been even bigger than I would have imagined for our practice and for me personally.”

BEFORE:  Practice was in a rut with a decrease in numbers of the desired types of patients, and the feel of the practice was changing as there were more and more wellness patients.

AFTER: Free from the rut, attracting specific types of patients (condition specific), able to see more challenging cases, increased referrals, and making a bigger impact in their area.

Dr. Besso continues to get 8-12 new, condition specific patients per month!

Dr. Jean Paul Bohemier

Solara Health
Calgary, AB, Canada

“It’s nice when you have a new practice to have a couple week waiting list!”

BEFORE:  Overwhelmed with starting up a new practice, no time to learn and implement strategies, poor online SEO rankings, and low website traffic.

AFTER: Put at ease and in control of marketing, freed up time to see patients, positioned online as a UC specialist, massively increased web traffic, condition specific new patients, and high conversion of new patients starting care.

Dr. Bohemier was able to have a 2 week waiting list within the first month and continues to see more new patients each month!

Dr. Brett Gottlieb

Gottlieb Chiropractic
Fair Oaks, CA

“My internet presence has just grown and grown and grown!”

BEFORE:  Tired of health talks and screenings, was losing weekends and time with family, and needed a way to grow the practice without having to manage the marketing.

AFTER: Free from having to do health talks and screenings, regained weekends and family time, and has seen consistent, steady growth in his new patients per month

Dr. Gottlieb is a long-time client who has seen sustainable, consistent growth in the number of new patients he gets from his marketing system!